The Political Philosophy of Juche (North Korea)

The Political Philosophy of Juche (North Korea)

Kim il sung’s policy stances on subjects such as the class struggle, the idea of the mass line, the belief in one’s own capabilities were all drawn primarily from chinese and eastern european thought. Kim il sung’s genius lay in his ability to fuse these elements together to capitalize on the north korean drive for independence.

An interesting if Western-biased account of the Juche philosophy of Kim Il Sung and the DPRK. Contained were some great quotes from Kim Il Sung.

Establishing juche means, in a nutshell, being the master of revolution and reconstruction in one’s own country. This means holding fast to an independent position, rejecting dependence on others,
using one’s own brains, believing in one’s own strength, displaying the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance, and thus solving one’s own problems for oneself on one’s own responsibility under
all circumstances.

…the Government of the Republic will implement with all consistency the line of independence, self-sustenance, and self-defense to consolidate the political independence of the country (chaju), build up more solidly the foundations of an independent national economy capable of insuring the complete unification,  independence, and prosperity of our nation (charip) and increasing the country’s defense capabilities, so as to safeguard the security of the fatherland reliably by our own force (chawi), by splendidly embodying our Party’s idea of juche in all fields.