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Maxim Gorky: Henri Barbusse and the mass of lies, hypocrisy, cruelty, dirt and blood called war

Maxim Gorky dissects war.

Antiwar literary and philosophical selections


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

Russian writers on war

Maxim Gorky: Selections on war

Henri Barbusse: Selections on war


Maxim Gorky
From the preface to the Russian edition of Under Fire
Translator not identified

Maxim Gorky

Henri Barbusse

This book, a simple and ruthlessly truthful book, tells how people of different nationalities but of an equal intelligence exterminate one another, destroy the fruit of hard but splendid timeless labour, reducing temples, palaces and houses to heaps of rubble, razing towns, villages and vineyards, and ruining thousands of acres of land, once beautifully cultivated by their ancestors and now cluttered for a long, long time with fragments of metal and polluted with the rotting flesh of men killed for no crime of theirs.

Burning brightly and mockingly in all this is a terrible contradiction that debases man to a level of an instrument without a…

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