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Deconstructing Israeli Citizen Thought

F16s vs. Fireworks is not a war, it is murder.

The last video I did on Israel generated a lot of negativity. One person took a great deal of exception to the statements I made. He asked me to speak to him in a private conversation in order defend Israel. I rejected the offer based on a previous statement he made. He said that I had to “see the beauty” of Israel to understand it. I highly disagree with this statement and thus refused to speak to him about it. This individual however, is not the subject of this blog post. Another person sent me a private message concerning my video and left this message which I intend to break down in a reply:

“Please listen

My english is no good, so just look pass that if you could. I don’t like it when you insult my country, Israel. My people are a proud people, that have been through worst…

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