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U.S. Building Military Presence Along China’s Soft Underbelly

The US move to surround and threaten the largest independent nation in the world.

Antiwar literary and philosophical selections

Voice of Russia
November 16, 2012

The US mounting its military presence in China’s “soft belly”
Boris Volkhonsky

This weekend and the beginning of the next week will witness an unprecedented rise in US diplomatic activity in a region which until lately was a “black hole” in Washington’s foreign policy but has acquired new importance after the administration announced its “strategic pivot” towards Asia.

The diplomatic offensive begins with the American triumvirate – President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta – visiting Cambodia. The agenda includes both bilateral talks with respective counterparts and the participation in the East Asia summit in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh.

Later, the US President and his men (as well as the woman) will also visit Thailand and Myanmar.

What makes the tour historic is not just the fact that never before had any US President visited Cambodia or Myanmar…

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