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Gaza Operation: Israel and US Forefit Future Peace Plans

The author is overkind. Israel crossed like line decades ago.

A Collective Consciousness and TJP Production


Israel has stepped past a line wherein that foot and its print can not be retracted. The response by the world will be humongous, it has already began.

We will not equivocate, hesitate, nor care for our own welfare to speak out against the

se injustices! Our voice will rise louder and with a larger audience until the world condemns the actions by a heinous, callous, and disgusting perversion of a “chosen” country.Until that government founded on terrorism which embraces a star on its flag, can behave like a civilized and wise nation, its very Right to Exist is rebuked and hurled like vomit by nature. Tyranny will not be accepted nor tolerated by neighbors willing to live peacefully and coexist when such acts of barefaced abuse and a blank check impunity witnessed by the world threatens them as well.

It is indeed a sad day. We will not…

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