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NATO Completing Transformation Of Azerbaijan’s Military

The Empire moving in to Central Asia in a continued bid against the sovereignty of Russia, China, Iran and the Turkic peoples.

Antiwar literary and philosophical selections

Trend News Agency
November 13, 2012

NATO can assist Azerbaijan in creating logistic system
E. Mehdiyev

Brussels: NATO can assist Azerbaijan in creating a modern logistic system.
“The organisation has the perfect logistic system and is ready to share its experience with Azerbaijan,” the Alliance’s representative said at a meeting with Azerbaijani journalists in Brussels.

It is planned to send Azerbaijani officers to serve at NATO command headquarters.

From Nov.15, an Azerbaijani army officer will begin service with the naval component of NATO.

At present, a group of officers of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces serve in a number of NATO subdivisions.

The Alliance appreciates Azerbaijan’s efforts in the sphere of army modernisation, and its participation in the peacekeeping missions of the Alliance.

The cooperation between Azerbaijan and NATO was laid out on May 4, 1994, after signing the framework document, Partnership for Peace.

In April 1996, an official document was…

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