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Israel and Western Hegemony

A Collective Consciousness and TJP Production





Israel has increased its internet propaganda. Applause 🙂

Although pathetic, I welcome the dialogue instead of the silence of guilt.

A riposte:

We declare, all of us, that we are enjoined by a single mission despite our differences, forget our animosities, embrace our common aspiration; FREE PALESTINE WHICH ENTAILS ENDING THE HORRIFIC AND INHUMANE BLOCKADE OF GAZA!!! Those who share this ambition are my brothers and sisters, let our pasts, if bad, be erased!

A people can tolerate much because they are accustomed or inured to a government and oppression over time, they can even live as neighbors with the enemy as we discovered with Thomas Jefferson’s warning that whites and blacks could never do so because of the many years of hatred and animosity from slaver and religious indoctrination of citizens to support slavery; yet when it becomes apparent that a plan exists to destroy…

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