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Obama Reelection To Continue U.S.-China Tensions

Americans can not stand an independent social nationalism on the rise.

Antiwar literary and philosophical selections

Global Times
November 14, 2012

Obama’s win may mean tighter Asian policy
By Edward I-hsin Chen

China has mixed feelings about Obama’s reelection. On the one hand, Sino-US relations will develop on the track set during Obama’s first term. On the other hand, China has been increasingly aware of the fact that the US pivot to Asia is not a bluff, but something it has to cautiously guard against.

China is also confused by the US attitude over the Diaoyu dispute, since the US has declared its neutrality but also stated that the islands fall under the US-Japan mutual defense treaty. Whether Washington will put political pressure on Tokyo to invalidate the purchase of the islands by the central government could be taken as an indicator of the US policy adjustments against China.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was just appointed in 2011, and is expected to continue in the position…

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