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Hail the 18th Congress of the CPC!

China continues to be a leading example of social nationalism.

Red Youth

Red salute to the Communist Party of China! We take this opportunity to reproduce here along with various articles from Xinhua reporting upon the Congress, a wonderful article produced in Proletarian August 2011 celebrating the 90th birthday of the CPC!

Report of CPGB-ML greeting to 18th Party Congress
Main Xinhua page for news on 18th Congress

China’s communists celebrate 90 years
“Great achievements, but serious problems remain. “We will never rest on our laurels.”

The Communist Party of China celebrated its 90th founding anniversary on 1 July. A few days before this significant anniversary, the party announced that its membership had reached 80.269 million by the end of last year.

This is a very far cry from the early days of the CPC. The first congress, which founded the party, was attended by just 12 delegates, who represented a little over 50 members. The congress met in conditions of strict…

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