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Syria: Astroturfing Terrorism

Despite attempts by the 4th Branch of the Empire to keep things quiet, the truth about the Syrian “opposition” terrorists is coming to light:

In Syria: Rebellion, Jihad or Civil War? former CIA officer Philip Giraldi reports that,

…a flow of arms from Turkey funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar gradually turned a political protest into something approaching a civil war. The supply of weapons increased in the fall, some apparently coming from former Gaddafi arsenals in Libya, leading to the formation of the Free Syrian Army, allegedly made up of deserters from the Syrian armed forces. A political wing, called the Syrian National Council, also came into being, made up of exiles in Europe and the United States. It began to lobby heavily in both the US and Europe for a humanitarian intervention and its activities have sometimes been compared to those of the Iraqi National Congress of 2002-3.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who had together with a number of European and Arab nations been clandestinely supporting the rebels…The White House sees Syria as a prime target…Western media coverage of the conflict has generally reflected the rebel point of view and ignored the government claim of outside interference stoking the flames.

At the UN and State Department there have been repeated calls for Assad to leave. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton demanded in June that Assad step down and depart the country while President Barack Obama has declared that the US is “doing everything [it] can” to help the opposition. CIA, operating out of Turkey, has been helping the rebels with small arms, training, and some intelligence on army movements.

…the rebels to determine if they are truly reformers…or, alternatively, Jihadis exploiting the situation as they did in Libya and to a certain extent in Iraq. A new al-Qaeda springing up in the heart of the Arab world…

…the rebellion’s political leadership appears to be somewhat out of touch, largely consisting as it does of exiles who have not been inside Syria for decades.

Of course everyone knows this old story: to take a few Western indoctrinated liberals (such as al-Jazeera) and to use them as an AstroTurfing scheme, complete with CIA funds and Saudi machine guns. Turkey’s “refugee camps” and the Golan Heights are a major vector of deployment for the Fake Stranger Army. There is a good chance that al-Qaeda will be a major benefactor in the Syrian gambit. The European and American media completely support the pseudo-insurgents, taking their line on every question.

Where does this lead next? Who can know for sure, but the unity of the SNC is a myth, and the US Empire is interested in anything but democracy. Alone in the American government, Ron Paul calls for the cessation of hostilities against Assad.


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2 responses to “Syria: Astroturfing Terrorism

  1. I didnt search this, but I enjoyed this, found it enlightening! Keep up the great work!

    • V.C.

      Thank you. I try to find the most interesting stuff in the AltMedia foreign policy sphere 🙂 And I write a little myself when I have the time. Please visit again. 🙂

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